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Summer Camp

2018 Summer Camp Registration Guide

We are now enrolling for 2018 Summer Camp for preparation for the SAT on August & October, and ACT on September & October 2018.

Type of Saving Details
Early Decision
$500 saving for SAT/ACT and $250 saving for Enrichment by 12/15/2017
$400 saving for SAT/ACT and $200 saving for Enrichment by 1/26/2018
$300 saving for SAT/ACT and $150 saving for Enrichment by 2/9/2018
$200 saving for SAT/ACT and $100 saving for Enrichment by 3/2/2018
Sibling Registration $150 Additional Saving for second child
Group Registration
$100 saving for everyone in a group of more than 5 students
$200 saving for everyone in a group of more than 10 students

*Group Registration saving is available when you register with your friends in the same week by mail or same day at the center.

Please call Alison today at 610 352 9253

 College Prep

INTO Dream College

Our Summer SAT and ACT prep program provide top-notch preparation for college admission tests with the specialized curriculum and the most updated and comprehensive methods, enabling students to achieve their dream score in a score guaranteed program.

You’ll intimately learn strategies to identify the concepts being tested in each question. So when test day rolls around, there are no surprises.You can walk in withpoise and confidence, ready to reach your goal.

INTO PREP expert teaching staff will give students both the content of the tests and strategies to optimize their scores with lessons, numerous practice tests,
and guided reviews, students will gain the skills and confidence to reach their full potential.

SAT Prep Score Guarantee

ACT Prep Score Guarantee

Enrichment Course

 Our 18-day summer camp is intended for students currently in the 6th through 10th grades and will feature classes designed to challenge students in both English Language Arts (Critical Reading, Grammar and Essay Writing) and Math (Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus). Our curriculum is focused on preparing students to meet and exceed the Common Core Standards, taking into account their new emphases on increasing students’ familiarity with content-rich nonfiction texts and delving more deeply into key math topics. Keep in mind that the skills developed in our Enrichment camps are essential for success on the SAT and ACT as well as in academic classes in their new semester. Starting this year, the Enrichment camp will meet 3 days a week on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday for the summer

2018 Summer Enrichment Camp at Bryn Mawr College Center
Class PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra 2 &PreCalculus
Date June 27 ~Aug 8 (18 days MWF)
Hours 9 am ~ 4 pm
Subject English(Reading, Vocabulary, Writing & Essay) and Math

⁕ Lunch Included