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(Summer 2020) Enrichment Course

Enrichment Camp

It is intended for students currently in the 6th through 10th grades and will feature classes designed to challenge students in both English Language Arts (Critical Reading, Grammar and Essay Writing) and Math (Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus). Our curriculum is focused on preparing students to meet and exceed the Common Core Standards, taking into account their new emphases on increasing students’ familiarity with content-rich nonfiction texts and delving more deeply into key math topics. Keep in mind that the skills developed in our Enrichment camps are essential for success on the SAT and ACT as well as in academic classes in their new semester. Starting this year, the Enrichment camp will meet 3 days a week on Tue, Thu, & Sat for the summer

Enrichment 18-Day Camp
Campus Malvern Campus (or Upper Darby Campus)
Class Middle & High School 6th to 10th Grade
(Math next semester preview and English Reading and Writing)
Date June 26 – August 7
(16 days Mon, Wed, & Fri)
Hours 8 am ~ 3:30 pm
Subject English (Reading, Vocab, Writing),
Math (PreAlgebra, Algebra, Geometry, Algebra2, PreCalculus or AP Calculus AB/BC)


⁕ Lunch Included

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