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주간필라 (Korean Phila Times) 코리아위크 (Korea Week) 중앙일보 (Korea Daily)

INTO Prep Pre-camp SAT Homework 2017

INTO Edge Orientation Pre-camp SAT Homework 2017

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Metro Chinese The Epoch Times

Law School for STEM majors

New U.S. News law school rankings are in but the entering class LSAT score rankings say otherwise. See which school made the cut! Law School : Median LSAT – US NEWS (2018) Yale : 173 Harvard 172 Columbia 171 Stanford 170 U. of Chicago 169 NYU 169 Penn 169 UVA Read More…

2018 US News Law School Rankings

The U.S. News & World Report rankings (2018) for law schools were leaked as follows for the top 14 law schools. Historically the top 14 (“T-14”) schools don’t fluctuate a great deal, but there were some shockers this year. Harvard dropped to third from being tied with Stanford last year. Read More…

Harvard Law is now accepting GRE scores in lieu of LSAT Scores

Harvard began accepting GRE test scores in lieu of the traditional LSAT test as a “pilot program” to diversify the student body. Harvard is the first T-14 law school to offer this policy. Currently Northwestern offers GMAT as an alternative for LSAT for candidates applying to the JD-MBA dual degree Read More…

Harvard Law School

Harvard alum’s take:

Law Schools with highest LSAT Scores

Law Schools with highest LSAT Scores

How to register SAT online

NEW SAT after March 2016 How to register SAT online