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INTO PREP’s faculty consists of experienced professionals that are deeply committed to helping students achieve their dreams. To provide the best prep, we only hire the best.  They scored 99+ percentile on the SAT/ACT/GRE/LSAT subject they teach. Most teachers have a PhD/graduate degree and teach at Colleges / high schools or are pursuing one this very moment. Everyone has a different background, but we are united in our enthusiasm to help our students into the promising future.

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Teaching Staff

English, AP & Graduate Prep
  1. Mr. A. Lee: English & AP History / Brown BA, UPenn Ph.D Candidate, HS Teacher

  2. Mr. F. La Femina: English & AP History / Princeton University BA, UPenn MA

  3. Dr. B. Keeney: English & Essay / Columbia BA, BU Ph.D, HS Teacher

  4. Ms. S. O’Brien: English, AP Latin & Essay / Swarthmore BA, HS Teacher

  5. Mr. J. Brunner: English & Essay / Columbia University BA

  6. Dr. D. Lee: English & AP History / U of Georgia MA, Temple Ph.D, College Instructor

  7. Ms. Jessica: LSAT/ Essay. Northwestern BA / Harvard Law JD Candidate

  8. Ms. C. Myer: English & AP Latin / Princeton University BA

  9. Mr. S. Selinger: English, GRE & LSAT / Cornell University BA

  10. Mr. E. Weinstein: English & Essay / NYU BA & MA

  11. Mr. J. Hong: English, AP History & Essay / UC Berkeley BA & MA

  12. Ms. S. Yang: English &  Essay / Cornell University BA

  13. Mr. L. Gillis: English, AP History & LSAT / Williams BA

  14. Ms. A. Wang: English & LSAT / U of Rochester BA, Harvard Law JD Candidate

  15. Ms. C. Balakrishnan: English & LSAT / Duke University BA

  16. Mr. O. Baxhija: English, AP History &  Essay / UPenn BA

  17. Ms. S. Islam: English, AP Biology & Essay / MIT BS & MS, UCLA MD Candidate

Math, AP Science & Graduate Prep
  1. Dr. J. Scripko: Math & AP Chem / Carnegie Mellon BS, UPitt Ph.D, College Instructor

  2. Mr. S. Choi: Math, AP Cal & GMAT, GRE / Princeton BA, College Instructor

  3. Mr. J. Mckenna: Math / PSU BS, HS Teacher

  4. Ms. C. Sley: Math & LSAT / U of Florida BS, Harvard Law JD Candidate

  5. Mr. J. Kim: Math, AP Bio & Essay / Princeton BS, UPenn Ph.D Candidate

  6. Dr. F. Pettit: Math & AP Physics / Cornell BS, UCLA Ph.D, College Instructor

  7. Dr. G. Hwang: English & AP Physics /St. Louis University BS, U of Wisconsin Ph.D

  8. Mr. T. Yuan: Math & Essay / UPenn BS

Teaching Assistant 2021
  1. Jessica: Williams class of 2025
  2. Trisha: Swarthmore class of 2025
  3. Justin: UPitt Class of 2025
  4. Joshua: Yale Class of 2025
  5. Samah: UPenn Class of 2024
  6. Claire:Harvard Class of 2024<
  7. Rhea: UCLA Class of 2025
  8. Hiya: UPitt Class of 2025
  9. Josiah: Berkeley Class of 2024