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We are now enrolling for 2017 Summer Camp!

Dear Parents and Students,

We are now enrolling for 2017 Summer Camp. We offer Early Decision Savings by March 18th : $200 discount for SAT and $ 150 for Enrichment camp. There is $150additional Saving for second childIf you register with your friends, there is additional $100saving for everyone in a group of more than 5 Students and $200 saving for everyone in a group of more than 10 Students . Please call Alison today at 610 352 9253 or  For Registration Please Click Here

We are very excited to announce that the Y2 Upper Darby Center is now INTO Prep! Building on decades of experience in the education industry, we are creating a new brand of enhanced prep. We are at the same location with the same exceptional teachers and staff, but are now upgrading and expanding our program. As you know, the Upper Darby Center has built a reputation for producing the highest achieving students in the region. Our students go on to attend the very best universities in the nation, and all of our students gain the opportunity to choose from their list of dream schools. The Upper Darby Center has a track record of being a truly exceptional prep center in the region. We have been able to offer and exceed our score guarantee for hundreds of students and more than 30 students scored 99+ percentile on New SAT 2016. We hope to continue to help students excel in school and their communities.

We will be holding its 2017 Summer SAT Day and Residential CampACT Day Camp and Middle/High School Enrichment Camp in June, July, August and September at both its Upper Darby and Bryn Mawr College locations. Please see the brochure attached.

                        The SAT Day & Residential Camp is a challenging 25 day course of study in which students receive specialized training and practice to develop the skills needed to boost their SAT scores.  INTO PREP expert teaching staff will give students both the content of the tests and strategies to optimize their scores. With lessons, numerous practice tests, and guided reviews, students will gain the skills and confidence to reach their full potential.  IMPORTANT NOTE: Starting this year, the College Board will offer an SAT in the month of August 26th; for this reason, we will be beginning camp on June 26th, rather than in early July.Students who work hard throughout the summer will be able to leave the camp after the August test before they go back to school.

             The Middle and High School Enrichment Camp is intended for students currently in the 6th through 10th grades and will feature classes designed to challenge students in both English Language Arts (Critical Reading, Grammar and Essay Writing) and Math (Pre-Algebra through Pre-Calculus). Our curriculum is focused on preparing students to meet and exceed the Common Core Standards, taking into account their new emphases on increasing students’ familiarity with content-rich nonfiction texts and delving more deeply into key math topics. Keep in mind that the skills developed in our Enrichment camps are essential for success on the SAT and ACT as well as in academic classes in their new semester. Starting this year, the Enrichment camp will meet 3 days a week on MWF for the summer.

At INTO PREP we know that it is never too early to start thinking about the complex process of college admissions. A well-prepared student will have a markedly easier time with college admission tests, allowing them to focus more time and energy on their classes, scholarship applications, pre-college programs, and the college applications themselves See the attachments for more information on INTO PREP Upper Darby center and the accomplishments of our students. If there are any questions, you are free to reach us.


Alison Koo

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