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2018 US News Law School Rankings

The U.S. News & World Report rankings (2018) for law schools were leaked as follows for the top 14 law schools. Historically the top 14 (“T-14”) schools don’t fluctuate a great deal, but there were some shockers this year. Harvard dropped to third from being tied with Stanford last year. Columbia also dropped one rank while Duke and Northwestern climbed up the rankings. Most shockingly, however, Berkeley dropped four places and UT Austin joined the T-14 ranks while Georgetown dropped off the list.

School (Change)
1) Yale
2) Stanford
3) Harvard (-1)
4) U Chicago
5)Columbia (-1)
6) NYU
7) Penn
8) Michigan
8) UVA
10) Duke (+1)
10) Northwestern (+2)
12) Berkeley (-4)
13) Cornell
14) UT Austin

Leaked: 2018 US News Law School Rankings (New T-14 School)