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Take a look at our new application system we just launched!

Mobile for Apple

Mobile for Android

✏︎Free, in-app text service
Push service allows unlimited messaging. Teachers can send individual or group messages to communicate test explanations, notices, and even encouragements.
✏︎Grade analysis and management
This app analyzes students’ grades and allows students to track progress against the whole class.
✏︎Real-time notice to students and parents
Parents can view an analysis of grades and confirm student strengths/weakness, attendance, curriculum, score rank, among others, on a mobile device.
✏︎Up-to-date progress
This app will display the most recent test results. This app allows a user to review results of previous examinations and receive updates to the latest scores and assignments.
✏︎Managing progress
Users can track the progress of scores by viewing the score graphs. See scores of each exam and assignments from the past to the most current.
✏︎Analysis by type
Through chart analysis of student’s weaknesses and strengths in problem types, teachers and students can tailor a curriculum for most efficient gains in test scores.