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Into Prep’s book club for teens in a 90-minute a week program to help students in all different aspects of schooling. We offer a wide variety of different book clubs to ensure something of interest for every student. 

Science Book Club

  • Made up of engaging non-fiction books (not just narratives meant for academic reading/biographies)
  • Aims to teach the techniques of reading non-fiction 
  • Provides readings and activities to fit well alongside the challenges of virtual learning 

Asian-American Book Club

  • Explores depths of new Asian-American writers and their impact on American literature and culture
  • Directed towards classics that often appear on standardized tests
  • The goal is to make students well versed in vocabulary and literary practices 
  • Aims to create engaging activities that make the readings relevant and fun for students 

Informational Writing and Editorial Writing

  • Designed to coordinate well with Science Book Club (but can also be take as a stand-alone course)
  • Students will learn how to write readable, creative nonfiction
  • Program offers entry in The New York Times STEM essay contest and Editorial content as well as a workable draft for the Scholastic Contest in the fall
  • Students will need access to The New York Times for this course 

Personal Narrative

  • Course aims to make personal narratives a satisfying and creative venture
  • Used in applying for jobs, scholarships, medical and law school
  • Introduces students to creating compelling and professional personal essays
  • Access to The New York Times Review Contest, NPR Tiny Desk Contest and StoryCorps along with drafts of personal narrative suitable for revising for the Scholastic Contest and college applications in the fall
  • Students will need access to The New York Times for this course 

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